This year at Gen Con 2014 I will be running what will be my biggest adventure to date. Back in 2010 when I first ran Darkmoor besieged It was kind of a mess. A fun mess, but a mess nonetheless. Three mini campaigns with 10 people each leading to a large scale assault on the Baroness’ keep. It was a lot of fun and almost a 10 hour game. However it was all over the place. No real rhyme or reason.

Over the last few years I have been tweaking it and fleshing out some of the side missions. My friend Aaron added some really good ideas and helped me get as sense of bringing all together instead of the random chaos that it was in its original form. This year it should be quite something to experience

Brief synapsis of what I will be running at Gen Con

Darkmoor Besieged

Baroness Von Darkmoor is a tyrant. She runs her husbands Barony with ruthless efficiency. Her husband was once a respected and powerful earth magicka, now he is simply a figurehead. Terrified of his wife and unable to rise up against her he holds up in his study day in and day out.

The missions will involve taking advantage of her being at her much less guarded Lower Barony Keep.

Players will be broke up into 3 groups after choosing one of 6 missions. Each missions will have a benefit to their final mission of taking the Baroness at her keep. Each mission will also have a consequence to not doing it, making the final mission harder. Players will have to choose which ones they want to do and what they want to skip.

I will be having 3 guest GMs/ NPC runners to help me tell and control the overall story.

These missions will be run by the GM’s with me running the story and adding “complications”

After a set amount of time the group will come together to start the main siege. This will be whether they completed their side mission or not.

The final siege will be an epic battle to take the Baroness and restore the rightful ruler.

This should be a fantastic adventure and I hope its a game you are considering playing this year.

See you in Indy