I have never had anything sap my creativity and drive more than MTG. The last two years I played all the time while owning the shop, I didn’t work on Nexus hardly at all. To play it becomes all consuming. Deck building, deck creation, new sets every three months to make changes with your deck. I had to put it aside. It can take over your life.

After just a week of not playing, watching videos, or caring about Born of the Gods,  I have completed two new classes for Into the Nexus, I have sketched out and blueprinted a new campaign for Gen Con, and I have actually got work done around my house.

I think Magic is a fine game and I do enjoy playing it. I have 5 Commander/EDH decks and still enjoy that format. I just think trying to keep up with what is new in Standard and what new card is changing the Legacy format is just not for me anymore.

There are more important things that need my focus and drive. The silly little cardboard game will have to not be one of my spinning plates.

Sorry for not being entirely on topic. I hope my dozen readers can forgive the slight variance from Nexus Talk.