ITN- LogoHybris, a history.

I’m unsure where to start. This wasn’t my original area of study. However, wear one sequined ceremonial robe to a mass cremation and now I’m the orders new chronologist.

Much of our world’s history was lost. I know we have orbited Solarius at least 500 times since they destroyed Earth. That is probably too much of a revelation to start a journal with, but it’s true, they destroyed Earth.

Look, I’ve gotten ahead of myself, which I so often do.

Sometime, in what written works I have found called The Age of Aquarius, certain people began having abilities to “See the Possibilities”. This has to be the most disappointing naming of magic ever. These gifted souls were able to see the other Earths and what could have been. It only took a score of years before they figured out they could bring forward that reality into our own.


According to what written works survived, the Q’Anics, began trying to make our world better. In the history of everything, that intent, has always worked out for the best. Needless to say, thought I felt the need to write it, they failed[1].


In roughly the year 1989 BD[2], the most powerful of these Q’Anics chose to bring the best of all the “Other Earths” into our reality. Creating a utopia[3].


It. Didn’t. Work.


What remained were islands of rock and earth floating above an unstable gravity core. Most of the island nations remained intact, more or less. With the loss of most of the land mass Hybris[4] developed a planet sized storm system we call Raiu. Raiu covers more than half the remaining islands most of the year.


The surviving races; Human, Dwarf, and Elf, live in what we call The Nexus. A cluster of floating islands that never leave the eye of Raiu. Here they try and eek out survival. Here is where my story truly begins.



Herald Scribe

502 NB[5]


[1] “Failed”, the new definition reads. Killing approximately 5 Billion people.

[2] BD = Before Destruction

[3] “Utopia”, the new definition reads. Floating wasteland for which there is no escape.

[4] Hybris, what most inhabitants now call Earth, from the old Nord word for hubris.

[5] NB = New Beginning