Ostaria is home to the humans of Hybris. Their island is what remains of mainland Japan and Australia. It is the largest of the big three. It consists of a large island that is surrounded by tiny islands that orbit in and out of Raiu.

The people are mostly nomadic due to the fact that the mainland and most of the small islands around it are at some point in the year in the giant storm itself. Since the humans of Ostaria are masters and cultivators of the natural world their economy and culture is based off of farming, mining and animal husbandry.

Fun Facts

#1   The Heralds were a group of mostly men who believed that the only true balance was found in death. In death we were all equal. They believed this passionately and completely. Their main function in society was taking care of the dead. They were always seen at the sites of large battles, towns ravaged by plagues, and pretty much anywhere else were a lot of people died. Their ability to actually arrive before whatever calamity was going to take place gave them the nickname, Harbingers.

#2   Unlicensed Magic is outlawed on all but the most remote parts of Ostaria. Their Magicka’s are extremely powerful and with that almost completely chaotic.