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Dearest Clementine……..

I write this from day 9 of work from home quarantine. I’ve one Diet Mt Dew left and we are running woefully low on Oreos. If this keeps up I will have to open the last of my Girl Scout cookies and resort to…. water to drink…….


I hope everyone is having a very nice plague. I have been doing work from home for almost two weeks now and it has been a delight….

I have also been hard at work on new Nexus material. I have a new campaign that is about to go though testing as well as several new pieces of game content. I am using this time stuck in my retro-room to be as productive as I can be while rewatching Leverage for the 421st time. I have come up with several new talents and quite a few great customizations to character archetypes. If you like tweaking characters in the Nexus world I think you will enjoy what I have come up with.

I have also set up a Discord server if anyone is interested in talking Nexus games or throwing together a one shot. My social schedule is quite full of TV watching and the occasional TV watching but I will try and squeeze in some games if people are interested.


Shameless Marketing plug.

I have set up some of the Nexus Artwork on teepublic if you are interested in supporting your favorite grumpy GM/Game Creator.

Misdirected Awesome Games Shop

There are 5 designs right now with a couple more almost ready to go up as well.

As of now I still plan to be running at Gen Con. I will be running 4 gaming sessions. Two small 6 people adventures and our now 10 year running 30 people late night craziness.

Hopefully you are not leaving your house for any reason other than food or healthcare and we can get this curve flattened. Until then. come see me on Discord (you can message me here or on Facebook for an invite) and we can roll some dice

Or buy a t-shirt



Both is good.




Decade of Deviations

It’s a week until Gen Con! We are doing the madness that is final prep and it dawned on me that I’ve been running this game for large cons for 10 years now. Ten years since my first run at Dragon*Con. Slave ship and what would become Darkmore Besieged. It wasn’t until 2010 I added the Siege at the end component. UPYztlznRHmIMH+IrlH6Yg


So the Above are some of the firsts. Some of the first people to ever take a chance on playing this crazy person’s 10 hour opus. You’ll see some of the original 3.5 character sheets that we just scratched out my changes on to the first sheets I made myself.

The players who I still talk to or see to this day, David ,Who stood on the table and yelled at his mother that he was in charge. Lex, Megan and Frank who came again and again to play, Eric, Rob and Gabe who came to my house weekly to help me playtest and sat with me in a shoddy hotel cafe and did a full 10 hour test run. And Justin. My Friend. My artist. Who gave me Gug’el. A wacky character that is seen in almost every game and in the game book itself.

These are the people who helped shape the beginning, mold the wave, Rolled the first 1s

Their awesome is anything is but misdirected.

So if you are playing next week and love what you experience they are a big part of the reason.

Ta for now



GenCon 2019 Event Schedule

This SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! at 12:00 Eastern the GenCon event registration opens

Below are the links to get info on the two games I will be running

Darkmore Besieged

Darkmore Strikes Back


My Co-GMs and I are working hard this summer to add more missions and challenges to give our Gencon players a more robust game experience. Darkmore and Darkmore Strikes back will be some of the biggest game sessions we’ve done with 5 Main GMs and an Opposing GMs for the final Missions.

I will also be adding a story telling aspect to each game night so players can feel like they are more involved in the story as opposed to just meat shields to throw at the big bad.

Side Note about Gen Con Ticket sales.

They do room assignment based on early ticket sales. So pretty please try and buy your tickets early so we can get that posh private room we got last year. Sharing a space with over 30 people is not fun for us or other gamers since we tend to get loud and silly.

Looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces this year.




GenCon 2019

Spent this weekend tweaking and honing our Gencon games for this year.

Previous years players have been enjoying Darkmore Besieged for now 9 years at Gencon. But our second game has never melded well with the Darkmore. Yes Slave Ship has had its fun moments to be sure but I’ve wanted to have a saga instead of two wholly separate games. Do that brings us to Darkmore Strikes Back

This year we will continue Darkmore the next night with Darkmore Strikes Back. If you played the night before (and didn’t die) you will keep your character and keep going. New players will jump in and all of you will have to deal with the consequences of the night before. Did you kill the baroness? Well her captain of the guard is pissed and coming after you. Did she escape? Yeah she ain’t happy. Did she have unknown allies who are unhappy with your little coup? You’ll just have to find out.

So night two will be a change in game play in that you are on an unforgiving clock. Every mini mission of the previous night will have an effect on this second nights activities. Even the missions you chose not to do. So essentially this will be a 20 hour game with an intermission


So GenCon this year will be


Thursday 5:00 PM- Darkmore Besieged. Castle siege with mini missions to help you succeed at the final mission. Large scale attack at the end of the night

Friday 5:00 PM – Darkmore Strikes Back. Survive the night. All the events of the previous night will be used to create a unique survival game. Mini missions will be given based on the previous nights activities to assure success (or defeat). Faster paced and your choices will matter immediately.


These are 10 hour gaming sessions each. We take several breaks and usually have a dinner type break for ordering of food.

I hope to see you all there and can’t wait to show you these new gaming ideas we’ve come up with.


That’s it for now

Ta Ta




Baby it’s cold outside. Let’s roll dice

So I’m getting ready for a new gaming con. I will be running Into the Nexus at the Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee in January.

If you are in the midwest and want a fun diversion from the cold I suggest looking at the Midwinter Gaming Convention. It’s at the downtown Hilton and whole place is being used for games. Larp, Tabletop and boardgames. This is a smaller con than I usually do but I like it because we can get into some more storytelling aspects of Nexus that usually gets overlooked at bigger shows.

Anyway, if you want to get tickets or rooms or whatever. Click on the links and register.

That being said I will be making some changes to the Darkmore missions and games for this years Gen Con and any future cons that will see their first light at the Midwinter. It will now be all Darkmore adventures. We will start with Darkmore Besieged the game of choices and consequences. Do you figure out who is the spy but not stop the reinforcement of troops? Do you ignore a powerful Magical artifact in lieu of getting better siege equipment? The choice is always yours, especially the really bad ones.

In 2018 Gencon we ran Crash Landing. a prototype of a style I wanted to try. Where in Darkmore Besieged you have time to figure out what you want to do and execute it. In Crash you were on a clock and the clock was unforgiving. By the end “More are Coming” were the words that made my players scream in frustration and terror.  It had some good moments and some tedious ones. So I decided to make a change.

This year we will continue Darkmore the next night with Darkmore Strikes Back. If you played the night before (and didn’t die) you will keep your character and keep going. New players will jump in and you will have to deal with the consequences of the night before. Did you kill the baroness? Well her captain of the guard is pissed and coming after you. Did she escape? Yeah she ain’t happy. Did she have unknown allies who are unhappy with your little coup? You’ll just have to find out.


More will definitely be coming.


Ta Ta





Opening the Flood Gates!

Gencon Registration opened for the games and we sold tickets like crazy. It wasn’t Infinity War numbers but it was pretty great all the same.

Darkmore is sold out.

Crash Landing still has 9 seats left so if you are interested go get you some.

We WILL be taking generics at the table so if you can’t get a regular ticket you can use those instead. (FYI you will need ten hours worth for each session)

Crash Landing will be a very different experience this year as we will be adding some multimedia environment variables to the action. It should be a lot of fun and hopefully a thrill ride for all involved.

I want to send thanks to my regular players who keep coming back year after year. (looking at you Kincaids). You all are the best and I’m happy you enjoy it enough to keep playing.

I’ve got some cool stuff for this year and some great surprises.


I am really excited and can’t wait to show you.

See you all in August.







Polishing things up and undoing Disney Programming.

I have made some adjustments to characters and classes. I added the Anarchist and the Aristocrat (Not Aristocat like I kept typing over and over again)


Aristocrat (Not Cat)

I’ve polished up some descriptions and made the menus a little easier to navigate through. Take a look and checkout the fantastic artwork and basic descriptions of the classes.




Kobayashi Maru and Tyler too

So GenCon games are live and kicking. I thought I’d give people interested a little idea of what is in store for them if they choose to play.

We are doing two games this year Crash Landing and Darkmore Besieged.

Crash Landing will be a fast paced survival game. You and your group will be expected to make fast decisions and not all of them will be good choices. Lots of action with a multimedia environment to add to the experience. FYI the players in this game  will be randomly assigned to breakout groups in the beginning so be warned you may be playing with new people for a while. All the players (surviving that is) will be brought back together for the games thrilling conclusion.  It should be exciting and a lot of fun with some scare/surprise elements.

Darkmore Besieged. A GenCon tradition for 8 years running. You will be members of insurrectionists working to overthrow a tyrannical ruler. You will be given a list of possible missions to choose from then break into smaller groups and attempt to complete them. Be warned, all the missions are vital and not all can be chosen. So you will have to see what consequences you can live with. The evening will conclude when all the players will join back up for a final winner take all castle siege. Lots of action and chaos, but the good chaos. Not the kind that causes dinosaurs to get loose on the island….

Or maybe that too….

Both games are Pathfinder based with a custom Magic system and all materials will be provided.

I look forward to seeing you all there.







Gen con decompression and New Gaming Sessions

Hello one and all

Home from Gen Con and have re-acclimated back into daily life. Our gaming sessions went very well. With a small exception. I kind of phoned it in on the ending of the last night. It was 4AM I was exhausted and I kind of just TPK’d everyone so I could sleep. If you played in that session I apologize. I should have given you my A game and I didn’t. I hope you give me another chance next year. We have a new game we are adding and I hope you will all come see.

The Cortex+ games were well attended and I got some really good feedback on the different characters.  I love the dice pool for small plot driven games and I get really good Role Playing out of my groups. One group never got off the dock but we all had such a good time I don’t think anyone cared. It’s the journey ya know.

Our long D20 games went very well (Except for my above mentioned copout). Slave Ships was changed this year to split the ships and boy did it improve the game play. Three GM’s Enter one ship survived. And they weren’t even against each other! Ended the night with a huge fight against a Dwarven Pirate ship. Some players even lived. Others didn’t. Lots of others didn’t. One player even summoned Andy Griffith. So there ya go.

Last game of the con was Darkmore. A fan favorite. We even debuted a new GM, the fantastic Lex! She was great and gave our gamers a fun time in the sewers. Matt and AA had there own long mini adventures that ended successfully even if it went longer than planned. Then came the assault. They had a plan. It didn’t last through take off. They met an opponent they didn’t count on. They killed an opponent I thought would murder them. And they lasted a really really long time. I was super proud of how they all played but man was I tired… and I botched that ending…. Again. My bad.


Next year will be better. We always learn from our gaming mistakes and make improvements the following year.


Thanks again to all that played and we hope to see you at some of our next gaming sessions.



We have been asked to run some Into the Nexus games at the Midwinter Gaming Convention ! So we will be running an old favorite, Darkmore Besieged, and a new one that we plan to add to Gen Con 2018 – Crash Landing.

Both of these will be the large gaming groups that run late into the night. If you are jonesing for a game and don’t want to wait until August you should come up to the cheese state and give it a go.


That is all for now.




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