Baby it’s cold outside. Let’s roll dice

So I’m getting ready for a new gaming con. I will be running Into the Nexus at the Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee in January.

If you are in the midwest and want a fun diversion from the cold I suggest looking at the Midwinter Gaming Convention. It’s at the downtown Hilton and whole place is being used for games. Larp, Tabletop and boardgames. This is a smaller con than I usually do but I like it because we can get into some more storytelling aspects of Nexus that usually gets overlooked at bigger shows.

Anyway, if you want to get tickets or rooms or whatever. Click on the links and register.

That being said I will be making some changes to the Darkmore missions and games for this years Gen Con and any future cons that will see their first light at the Midwinter. It will now be all Darkmore adventures. We will start with Darkmore Besieged the game of choices and consequences. Do you figure out who is the spy but not stop the reinforcement of troops? Do you ignore a powerful Magical artifact in lieu of getting better siege equipment? The choice is always yours, especially the really bad ones.

In 2018 Gencon we ran Crash Landing. a prototype of a style I wanted to try. Where in Darkmore Besieged you have time to figure out what you want to do and execute it. In Crash you were on a clock and the clock was unforgiving. By the end “More are Coming” were the words that made my players scream in frustration and terror.  It had some good moments and some tedious ones. So I decided to make a change.

This year we will continue Darkmore the next night with Darkmore Strikes Back. If you played the night before (and didn’t die) you will keep your character and keep going. New players will jump in and you will have to deal with the consequences of the night before. Did you kill the baroness? Well her captain of the guard is pissed and coming after you. Did she escape? Yeah she ain’t happy. Did she have unknown allies who are unhappy with your little coup? You’ll just have to find out.


More will definitely be coming.


Ta Ta





Opening the Flood Gates!

Gencon Registration opened for the games and we sold tickets like crazy. It wasn’t Infinity War numbers but it was pretty great all the same.

Darkmore is sold out.

Crash Landing still has 9 seats left so if you are interested go get you some.

We WILL be taking generics at the table so if you can’t get a regular ticket you can use those instead. (FYI you will need ten hours worth for each session)

Crash Landing will be a very different experience this year as we will be adding some multimedia environment variables to the action. It should be a lot of fun and hopefully a thrill ride for all involved.

I want to send thanks to my regular players who keep coming back year after year. (looking at you Kincaids). You all are the best and I’m happy you enjoy it enough to keep playing.

I’ve got some cool stuff for this year and some great surprises.


I am really excited and can’t wait to show you.

See you all in August.







Polishing things up and undoing Disney Programming.

I have made some adjustments to characters and classes. I added the Anarchist and the Aristocrat (Not Aristocat like I kept typing over and over again)


Aristocrat (Not Cat)

I’ve polished up some descriptions and made the menus a little easier to navigate through. Take a look and checkout the fantastic artwork and basic descriptions of the classes.




Kobayashi Maru and Tyler too

So GenCon games are live and kicking. I thought I’d give people interested a little idea of what is in store for them if they choose to play.

We are doing two games this year Crash Landing and Darkmore Besieged.

Crash Landing will be a fast paced survival game. You and your group will be expected to make fast decisions and not all of them will be good choices. Lots of action with a multimedia environment to add to the experience. FYI the players in this game  will be randomly assigned to breakout groups in the beginning so be warned you may be playing with new people for a while. All the players (surviving that is) will be brought back together for the games thrilling conclusion.  It should be exciting and a lot of fun with some scare/surprise elements.

Darkmore Besieged. A GenCon tradition for 8 years running. You will be members of insurrectionists working to overthrow a tyrannical ruler. You will be given a list of possible missions to choose from then break into smaller groups and attempt to complete them. Be warned, all the missions are vital and not all can be chosen. So you will have to see what consequences you can live with. The evening will conclude when all the players will join back up for a final winner take all castle siege. Lots of action and chaos, but the good chaos. Not the kind that causes dinosaurs to get loose on the island….

Or maybe that too….

Both games are Pathfinder based with a custom Magic system and all materials will be provided.

I look forward to seeing you all there.







Gen con decompression and New Gaming Sessions

Hello one and all

Home from Gen Con and have re-acclimated back into daily life. Our gaming sessions went very well. With a small exception. I kind of phoned it in on the ending of the last night. It was 4AM I was exhausted and I kind of just TPK’d everyone so I could sleep. If you played in that session I apologize. I should have given you my A game and I didn’t. I hope you give me another chance next year. We have a new game we are adding and I hope you will all come see.

The Cortex+ games were well attended and I got some really good feedback on the different characters.  I love the dice pool for small plot driven games and I get really good Role Playing out of my groups. One group never got off the dock but we all had such a good time I don’t think anyone cared. It’s the journey ya know.

Our long D20 games went very well (Except for my above mentioned copout). Slave Ships was changed this year to split the ships and boy did it improve the game play. Three GM’s Enter one ship survived. And they weren’t even against each other! Ended the night with a huge fight against a Dwarven Pirate ship. Some players even lived. Others didn’t. Lots of others didn’t. One player even summoned Andy Griffith. So there ya go.

Last game of the con was Darkmore. A fan favorite. We even debuted a new GM, the fantastic Lex! She was great and gave our gamers a fun time in the sewers. Matt and AA had there own long mini adventures that ended successfully even if it went longer than planned. Then came the assault. They had a plan. It didn’t last through take off. They met an opponent they didn’t count on. They killed an opponent I thought would murder them. And they lasted a really really long time. I was super proud of how they all played but man was I tired… and I botched that ending…. Again. My bad.


Next year will be better. We always learn from our gaming mistakes and make improvements the following year.


Thanks again to all that played and we hope to see you at some of our next gaming sessions.



We have been asked to run some Into the Nexus games at the Midwinter Gaming Convention ! So we will be running an old favorite, Darkmore Besieged, and a new one that we plan to add to Gen Con 2018 – Crash Landing.

Both of these will be the large gaming groups that run late into the night. If you are jonesing for a game and don’t want to wait until August you should come up to the cheese state and give it a go.


That is all for now.




Gen Con Book first printing! 

I have the D20 version printed up and ready for the editor.

Will be ready for the two long games I’m running at this years Gen*Con

Darkmore Besieged and Slave Ships Revolt.


Hope to see you there!



New Site design and character pages

I have updated the site design and and gaming pages. There is new info in the About menu and the Into the Nexus menu is completely redesigned.

It has new info on the floating islands and some of the characters that come from them. Not all the artwork is complete. My artist requires time and as it turns out cash to get them all done. You can check out the Heralds, the Ayans, The Q’Anics and the Walker right now.

Speaking of that you should really check out The Clownmonkey and see his amazing art and maybe even buy some.

I will be updating the characters as their artwork gets done and I will also be adding some stories to give a background to the world of Hybris.

That is it for now but stay tunes I will be posting a new story in a couple of days






I thought I would blog about some gaming adventures that I run. This will let me keep a record of how games progress as well as tell some funny tales that occur during gaming sessions. So Saturday I ran the second of my Dungeon in the Dungeon adventures. I am running a modified version of the Citadel of Pain Module. Only modification was that it fit the Into the Nexus rules.


They have all been sentenced to the Citadel for various crimes. Their only pardon comes from escape.

Goog’el  (I couldn’t bear to tell the player that in Elvish his name mean Captain Goog.)

Kir Monk. Sentenced for the mass genocide of 750,000 people. (24% of the world BTW)

Alvin Simon Theodore III Human Warrior. Sentenced for marrying outside his race

Tyrone Theodore-Jackson (Husband to Alvin) Elven Knave. Sentenced for marrying outside his race. (And 8 separate escapes after being captured)

Aaron the Inept Human Water Magicka. Sentenced for killing 40 nobles in a botched water ritual.

Jason the Pitied. Elven Walker. Falsely sentenced for poaching dragons.

David the Easy(Uni) Elven Knave/Prostitute. Sentenced for over 100 counts of indecency and grand larceny.

Dodrick HammerHome. Dwarven warrior. Sentenced for killing 30 guards in an attempt at the Baron’s life.

Our night begins with our group minus the married couple escaping a riotous crown after opening a long unused door. They enter what used to be a bath room centuries ago when this was a stadium. After seeing they are locked in they deduce that the large turnstiles in the room must be used to open the door at the other end of the room. Many,many strength checks later, they have opened the door to a satisfying THUMP that shakes the room. They procede into what used to be a bathhouse but now seems to be used for the discarding of human/humanoid body parts. The room is coated in blood and gore. The door to the east of them is open about 36 inches and instead of opening yet another door to a loud THUMP, they scoot under it and are now in a small audience chamber.

Pay attention to this room because they never leave it for more than 5 minutes. in 4 hours of game play they can’t get out of this room.

In this chamber they discover the Theodores. A married couple who are hanging from chains from the ceiling and are bickering without signs of stopping. Also in this room is a large hourglass with about 5 minutes left on it. Goog’el begins to cut Alvin down but keeps getting insulted about the speed in which he is doing it. He decided that Tyrone can be the first (and maybe only) one to cut down. The rest of the group seems to be obsessed with what the hourglass means and what happens when it is empty.

Alvin and Tyrone are freed just as the glass runs out. A clanging of steel and footsteps is heard coming from the hallway to the north.

Our group runs south. Into a group of plated and armed Minotaurs.

They turn and run north again and see a large group of huge green creatures coming into the room. They then slide back under the door to the room of Gore and Bloodiness figuring both sets of creatures are too big to follow. Goog’el is the last under the door and he gets to see the green creatures explode the head of a minotaur with one solid hit. The group then hear sounds of a fight for about 15 seconds then hear squishing sounds. They feel it is safe to leave the room after the clanging steel sound heads back north.

They exit back into the Audience Chamber (Remember this room) and again proceed south. They get into a room with a huge turnstile in it and a closed granite door to the west and a strange wall to the east. They realize they are not strong enough to turn the turnstile and half the group goes to try and pry open the closed door while the other half investigates the strange wall.

The wall appears to be a liquid that is magickally being made into a wall or door of some sort. Aaron decides to show everyone why he has his name and goes to dispel the magic holding the door together.

He does not succeed.

He does however make the wall solid to the point he almost got his hand caught. There is a large sound of alarm on the other side as this was not done subtly.

Our other adventures have decided that math and leverage is for wussies and are trying to chop their way through the granite door. With all the noise they were making hacking and bashing they didn’t notice what was going on on the other side of the room.

Aaron then makes his only successful spell of the evening, and, removes the wall he solidified completely.

What lies on the other side are five minotaurs. Three archers and two with long swords. The archers let fly as soon as they seen enemies and Tyrone takes an arrow to the chest. This causes the bashing crew to turn around and see.. hey look… large enemies that are very very angry. We know how to deal with this.

They run to the north towards the room of gore again. (Their belief was if they caused enough noise the green creatures would again come and save them)

With one exception

David (Uni) the Knave, decides to run and stab the 8ft tall plated Mintour with his daggar. This worked exactly as you think it did and he then discovered he was in the room alone with them. He turned to run and was sliced up the back by the creature he just tried to poke.

They make it to the room of blood and try to figure out their plan when the door that was only open about 3ft starts to open the rest of the way. They quickly choose to turn the wheels on the wall hoping this would shut the door like the turnstiles opened them. They however were in a bath house. These wheels brought in the water that is used to clean the room, in a violent torrent. All but 2 fail their reflex and are swept back into the audience chamber towards the minotaurs.

Aaron steps forward to save the day!

He did not have write access to the day and therefore could not save it.

He casts a spell to freeze the water therefore trapping the minotaurs. And everyone else in 3ft of ice.

Some were laying down.

To hell with them… cast away.

He “Succeeds”

Most of the group is now trapped in ice with water still rushing into the room.

Jason was swept directly into the minotaurs and is now frozen 12 inches front of them. Tyrone is on his back at their feet and Uni made it to the door just in time to be ripped away from it again by the water and slammed into the stairs of the audience chamber.

The water is quickly melting the ice as it runs over it. Alvin gets the idea to shut off the valves and rushes to start closing them. He fails his first strength check and breaks the main shut off valve.

Aaron to the rescue!

And by rescue I mean slaughter of all participants.

He casts a spell to send the water to the north room instead so they are pulled that way instead of towards the almost free minotaurs.

1 IS the loneliest number.

The water comes rushing in at 2x the speed as before. Breaking the grates that were kind of holding it back and slamming everyone out of the now clean and shiny blood room. Everyone is now in the audience chamber either on their back under water or barely standing.

The minotaurs decided to let loose a few arrows just for good measure at the pile of prone bodies that have been rushed into the room.

Tyrone takes another arrow to the chest.

Uni takes one in the back.

Aaron “thinking” quickly decided since he can’t get a spell right he will do one that is the opposite of what he wants to when he fails it will do what he wants.

Magick doesn’t work that way.

He focuses, casts, and almost makes it. (His best roll of the night actually)

Water that had gone into the north room SLAMS into them from behind. Smashing all our heroes (Save for Alvin) down into the floor.

Goog’el is trapped underwater and is unable to stand up.

Dodrick is now enraged and is sloshing towards the Minotaurs in an attempt to slay at least one.

Alvin is weighed down by his breastplate and can only sit up with his head barely above water.

Jason is miraculously standing and unharmed.

Aaron unfortunately is also standing and unharmed.

And we know what this means.

He casts a spell to again freeze JUST the water at and behind the minotaurs to capture them there.

2 is not much better than one.

The water begins to slowly freeze. First becoming ice cold. Then Slush.

Dodrick who has made it to just standing over Tyrone begins to carve an igloo out of the slush to keep from being trapped.

Goog’el who broke his collar bone in the last deluge can’t get standing as the water freezes around him.

Jason realizes that anywhere is better than where they are jumps to safety at the top the audience stairs.

Aaron raises his arms just in time to not have them trapped so he can still cast spells (dammit)

Uni is mostly trapped in about 2ft of ice.

BTW water is still rushing in.

Alvin starts to chip his way out.

Tyrone and Dodrick are trapped under the ice in a cave they made.

Goog’el is encased Han Solo style.

Jason is free and is freeing Uni


Aaron chooses to melt the ice. Since he is pure failure at water, lets try fire and see how that goes.

Who wants to guess? Anyone… Anyone….

On the surface nothing….

The minotaurs break themselves out and head back to their barracks feeling that this group will just kill themselves and need no assistance from them.

The group chips and breaks their way out the ice and climb up to see that Jason and Uni have left them.

Goog’el is nowhere to be seen

And they now are forced to go north.

Unknown to them, below the ice.

Goog’el is now in an ice water tomb………


After 5 hours of game play.

This group made it

105 ft

2 players left on their own and one is drowning.

…. A good night was had by all.


That is all for this gaming session. More to come as more session happen this summer.





November Has Arrived.

My Post Con gaming fast is over. Every year I do 3-4 cons in August/September. After which I pull away from all things gaming to unwind and decompress.

As I get back Into the Nexus I have three goals this month.

1. Finish the Balancers.

2 Work on the weapons and items that are specific to this world.

3. Edit the rough draft of the players portion of the book.

I will post updates as they develop.

Ta for now


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