This SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! at 12:00 Eastern the GenCon event registration opens

Below are the links to get info on the two games I will be running

Darkmore Besieged

Darkmore Strikes Back


My Co-GMs and I are working hard this summer to add more missions and challenges to give our Gencon players a more robust game experience. Darkmore and Darkmore Strikes back will be some of the biggest game sessions we’ve done with 5 Main GMs and an Opposing GMs for the final Missions.

I will also be adding a story telling aspect to each game night so players can feel like they are more involved in the story as opposed to just meat shields to throw at the big bad.

Side Note about Gen Con Ticket sales.

They do room assignment based on early ticket sales. So pretty please try and buy your tickets early so we can get that posh private room we got last year. Sharing a space with over 30 people is not fun for us or other gamers since we tend to get loud and silly.

Looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces this year.