Spent this weekend tweaking and honing our Gencon games for this year.

Previous years players have been enjoying Darkmore Besieged for now 9 years at Gencon. But our second game has never melded well with the Darkmore. Yes Slave Ship has had its fun moments to be sure but I’ve wanted to have a saga instead of two wholly separate games. Do that brings us to Darkmore Strikes Back

This year we will continue Darkmore the next night with Darkmore Strikes Back. If you played the night before (and didn’t die) you will keep your character and keep going. New players will jump in and all of you will have to deal with the consequences of the night before. Did you kill the baroness? Well her captain of the guard is pissed and coming after you. Did she escape? Yeah she ain’t happy. Did she have unknown allies who are unhappy with your little coup? You’ll just have to find out.

So night two will be a change in game play in that you are on an unforgiving clock. Every mini mission of the previous night will have an effect on this second nights activities. Even the missions you chose not to do. So essentially this will be a 20 hour game with an intermission


So GenCon this year will be


Thursday 5:00 PM- Darkmore Besieged. Castle siege with mini missions to help you succeed at the final mission. Large scale attack at the end of the night

Friday 5:00 PM – Darkmore Strikes Back. Survive the night. All the events of the previous night will be used to create a unique survival game. Mini missions will be given based on the previous nights activities to assure success (or defeat). Faster paced and your choices will matter immediately.


These are 10 hour gaming sessions each. We take several breaks and usually have a dinner type break for ordering of food.

I hope to see you all there and can’t wait to show you these new gaming ideas we’ve come up with.


That’s it for now

Ta Ta