Hello one and all

Home from Gen Con and have re-acclimated back into daily life. Our gaming sessions went very well. With a small exception. I kind of phoned it in on the ending of the last night. It was 4AM I was exhausted and I kind of just TPK’d everyone so I could sleep. If you played in that session I apologize. I should have given you my A game and I didn’t. I hope you give me another chance next year. We have a new game we are adding and I hope you will all come see.

The Cortex+ games were well attended and I got some really good feedback on the different characters.  I love the dice pool for small plot driven games and I get really good Role Playing out of my groups. One group never got off the dock but we all had such a good time I don’t think anyone cared. It’s the journey ya know.

Our long D20 games went very well (Except for my above mentioned copout). Slave Ships was changed this year to split the ships and boy did it improve the game play. Three GM’s Enter one ship survived. And they weren’t even against each other! Ended the night with a huge fight against a Dwarven Pirate ship. Some players even lived. Others didn’t. Lots of others didn’t. One player even summoned Andy Griffith. So there ya go.

Last game of the con was Darkmore. A fan favorite. We even debuted a new GM, the fantastic Lex! She was great and gave our gamers a fun time in the sewers. Matt and AA had there own long mini adventures that ended successfully even if it went longer than planned. Then came the assault. They had a plan. It didn’t last through take off. They met an opponent they didn’t count on. They killed an opponent I thought would murder them. And they lasted a really really long time. I was super proud of how they all played but man was I tired… and I botched that ending…. Again. My bad.


Next year will be better. We always learn from our gaming mistakes and make improvements the following year.


Thanks again to all that played and we hope to see you at some of our next gaming sessions.



We have been asked to run some Into the Nexus games at the Midwinter Gaming Convention ! So we will be running an old favorite, Darkmore Besieged, and a new one that we plan to add to Gen Con 2018 – Crash Landing.

Both of these will be the large gaming groups that run late into the night. If you are jonesing for a game and don’t want to wait until August you should come up to the cheese state and give it a go.


That is all for now.