For the last several years I have run the games with the large color maps I have made. They are really nice and I have liked they way they look. But I have to have one for each level and I have been wanting to up my game a bit. This year I will have some models of all the different locations (hopefully the ship as well but it is the most difficult) With multiple levels and terrain. My goal is to show a more robust environment for people to adventure in as well as, most likely, destroy.

That is all for now.


To the people interested in playing my game for GenCon. I sold out in a matter of hours last year, to repeat players. I think you will enjoy the game system and the plays style. Also I have two new adventures this year that should be a whole lot of fun…. provided “Lasers” aren’t a gaming mainstay.




“Rolling a 1 isn’t a failure, It’s misdirected awesome”