So Dragon*Con was fun and frustrating. First our Friday night game was dead, a no show. This was  disheartening until it was discovered the next night that my game was mistakenly marked as sold out so no new tickets were sold.

Saturday night was Great fun. We had some returning gamers and I thought it would be fun to let them play the crew of the slave ship against the rest of the players. This had mixed results as the slave players felt they were just fancy NPC’s and had nothing to contribute. Next year I will make sure we are not so separated.

The second mission was the dungeon and was a nice small affair as most of the slave players left. It wasn’t as grand as I had planned.

Sunday night finally got me my gamers. Large crowd with an 8 hour session. Made a lot of notes since the a lot of the classes were used. Lots of fine tuning to do


General book notes.

I have elevated the Kenkuri to Prestige class as it is too powerful to be a base class

I have finished the outline for the book

12 chapters

I have 5 chapters done.

My November 1st deadline fast approaches. My artists have been tasked with their duties and I hope to have some examples for pages soon.

That is all for now