Our first day did not go well for some of us.

Rafe is now bound and gagged. That felt great to do and others seem to find it acceptable. I told him it was this or hang from  a rope tied around the dragon’s neck. He wisely chose this.

The others will most likely kill him before the trip is finished. I will not miss him.

The Spring Magicka seems to be very in tune with her art, she even has to the power to replicate her water supply. A talent that could make her wealthy, or at least comfortable. Most magicka’s lost that ability cycles ago.  The spring is so difficult to master and the benefits so few that there are very few masters to train new apprentices. Most prefer the power of the Sun, or the status of the Dark.  She will serve very useful to me on this quest.

Her companion never speaks except to her. This is not surprising. Island Walkers are very solitary creatures. They only come to towns and settlements to trade or take specialized jobs. I know very little about them. I have met two, maybe three in my lifetime.  She being the third.  The first one I met was an elf, his skill with the blade was the best I have ever seen. He could take on three or four battle hardened warriors without batting an eye. He left me alive but with a scar for my trouble.

The merc is making me unsettled. He keeps checking the sky with apprehension.  He is either expecting something or has never been in Deepsky before.  He may end up next to Rafe before the day is over.

Mal and the Kir have been off discussing the “battle plan”. Correction. Mal has been rambling on about a battle plan and the Kir (still no name) has been nodding and listening.  Mal tried to discuss it with me and I wanted no part of it. Once we touch down I will be a better bearing.  Also, I think the dragon is talking to Mal through magic. I hope not, nothing good comes from that.

I have offered to do first watch this evening and make sure Rafe is fed. I now go attend to these duties.