I now have two bound and gagged pets to care for.

Rand officially slipped into madness right before lunch. He began jumping and gesticulating wildly at what can loosely be described as “a cloud”. He claimed that a red dragon was approaching. He drew his axe and started swinging at the killer .. cloud.  He missed, repeatedly. The actual dragon was more than a little perturbed at the large battleaxe plunging into its back.

I decided to intervene after the second barrel roll.

Since his attentions were focused on the killer red cloud dragon, sneaking up behind him was not terribly challenging. I simply thumped him at the base of his skull with the hilt of my dagger. He went lights out pretty fast.

Mal is talking almost constantly to the our dragon. He seems to be coaxing him to continue on. I have noticed more than once today that we have slowed to almost a walking pace. The dragon looks petrified to continue forward.

I am beginning to think this a fool’s errand.  These people have no idea what they are in for. We are entering a land which seems to be  plagued with the unknown. The last time I entered such a place, I died