This morning we began our journey. Farsight is 7 days by dragon. 7 days on the back of a creature that with its every breath is fighting the magic that stops it from killing us. I have spoken as little as possible with my companions.

Here what I have observed on our first day as a group.

The only two who seem to know each other at all are Eliena the island walker and Llayda the  Spring magicka. They bought their supplies together and are never far from each other.

Mal, the Sun magicka, is cocky beyond all rational belief. But does seem to possess a control over his power. This is rare in his discipline. I can also tell he will be good in a fight. If he doesn’t kill us all first.

Rand is a merc with the local guild. It is obvious this is how me makes his coin. He is quiet, professional, and always mildly drunk.

The Kir remains a mystery. He refused to offer his name. Yet he knew mine before we met. I don’t think is old enough to remember the name. He must have been told I would be joining.

Finally, Rafe the knave, He almost got us all killed by constantly trying to entertain the dragon. First he tried juggling then telling jokes. I have caught him using the rare Firmament magic a few times. Low level apprentice stuff, but not the usual flair for a conman. He will need both a handler and a body guard.

I have severe reservations about this job. It took a 4th house Magicka to enthrall this dragon to take us. He fought and argued and even tried his own magic against his handlers. It is taking 7 days because he is flying a very roundabout way and will only arrive just at dusk. This does not bode well for our start.

More later, Rafe is trying to find the dragons tickle spot……