My companions in fate and I will be traveling to the isle of Farsight. For those of you that don’t know Farsight is this world’s major source for granite. Stone and minerals are sparse; however on Farsight they are aplenty. The Kir first settled on Farsight after failing in their task of learning Elven Magicka. The first Monasteries were built there, and from all I knew, long since abandoned. Turns out, that was not the case.

Universal Truth #2

The difference between the skilled and the dead is good research.

Here is what I have learned from my sources (My employer was not forthcoming with nearly as much detail)

Approximately half a cycle ago there was a tragedy of epic proportions on Farsight. As I have said earlier the “peace” between the races was short lived and once again we were fighting over control of the water supply.  It seems a small group of Elven and Human pirates (in crime, money makes everyone get along better) had attacked a large Elven corsair ferrying water between islands.  The fighting was savage. Both parties were hell bent on wiping out the other. The pirates had managed to attach their ship to the larger vessel and had resorted to hand to hand combat for control. In the melee both ships suffered major structural damage (human Sun Magicka throwing around power with no control tends to do that). Both ships Magic begins to fail and it’s apparent to all aboard that they are going to crash.  I hate Magicka.

Now here is where I get varying stories. My employer claims that is was a human Magicka hired by the royal Elves. My sources say it was one of the pirates Magicka that did the deed. No matter, whoever did it, the result was nothing short of catastrophic. All Magicka have the ability to.. Hmm… fail on purpose. This results in an uncontrolled release of almost all the Magicka’s power. This is commonly referred to as their Death Strike (It’s why I killed them in their sleep)

As the ship is about to hit the island, the Magicka released his strike. The result was.. impressive. A fire ring 200 feet high raced out from the point of impact. Everything within a 3 menka radius was laid to ash. Nothing survived. The intense heat cracked and broke off a massive chunk of the island. Sadly, it also burned away a great deal of the gas that allows the isles to float.

That island is sinking into the Maelstrom.

And tomorrow, we head to that damned island, and those doomed people……..