I hate Magicka…. I mean I really hate Magicka….

I knew others would be on this job with me but I didn’t expect two Magicka. I can live with the Spring Magicka. She will serve a purpose and will almost always be professional and calm under pressure. The Sun Magicka however are loathsome creatures. Their magic is not earned as it is a born talent. They are emotive, destructive, and worse of all mostly stupid. Yes you can blow things up, that is outstanding. As irony would have it, one of their kind is the reason we are going on this job

As much as it pained me I returned to a Kir monastery. This was the home of one of the High Abbotts of the order. I was the last to arrive (by choice) and I quickly tried to get a handle on my soon to be companions.

A local knave, easy to predict, out for himself, seems to have some Magicka talent.

Common merc, again their motives are easy to predict.

One of the island walkers, not had much dealing with these people. Rumors mostly.  I was surprised to see her take a group job. These people don’t like other people.  Neither do I for that matter, but I know I sometimes need them.

Two bloody Magicka.. Nothing good will come from that.  Magic is a terrible, finicky thing. My wits are reliable, for the most part, a constant. Magic is random. Yes, the more skilled the practitioner the less chance of BoomAllDie . But there is a chance they can kill everyone with a simple spell.  Not to mention they are from opposite disciplines.


A rogue Kir, I believe nothing he says. The fact that he was kept after our group means I will also never show my back to him.

I may have chosen poorly for this return to the fray.