Good Morning Nexus fans, stans, and clans,

It has been a total hot minute since I did a Nexus update. Well I spent most of the Covid crisis in a perpetual malaise that required therapy, both professional and herbal. I didn’t get any progress on the game completed.

I am finally in the proper headspace to begin working on it again and have some what I hope are some really good ideas on the world building and lore to help roundup some of the weaker character archetypes. The world of Hybris and its chaos/madness wielding magickas will start having some updates very soon.

But first a Gen Con update

We will be running two games with a max of 30 players! Darkmore Besiged and Darkmore Strikes Back

Same format as previous years. Pathfinder 1.0 variant with several mini missions leading up to a final castle siege on night one and repelling a siege on night 2. There will be random encounters. Damned if you do Damned if you don’t choices to be made, and new twists and turns for each nights events. Last year we had over 25 people each night and it was a crazy event that lasted until the early morning hours.

Below are the links to the events and Registration starts May 21st!

Night One

Night Two

Hope to see you all there and I promise more Nexus is to come.

Ta Ta