Once again I will be running Into the Nexus at Gen Con.

This year will be two games

Slave ship Revolt

and Darkmore Besieged

The first is a tried an true game that pits players again themselves and NPC’s Escape the ship before it reaches port or forever be enslaved! Or Dead, Or trapped with the dwarves, or encased in a huge wooden ball.

The second will be a massive undertaking.

10 hours long! 3 DM’s running mini missions with me running the DM’s until you all join back up for a huge castle onslaught. There will be Espionage, Artifact seeking, soldier slaughtering, Loyalty turning, Jailbreaking and Dragon stealing. All before you actually start the siege! Did I mention your final foe is a shoot fireballs first ask questions second kind of person?

Hope to see you there