I am finishing up the last of the rules section for Into the Nexus. It is by far the hardest part I have had to do. I can’t seem to make it so it isn’t overly complicated. The Magicka which is the what I know many people love about the systems uses the Wave for their power and I need to make sure it is in there. I just am stuck on how to make it so people are not overly confused or wanting to stab me with their D4. (Tiny stabs I admin but they could break skin).

I know it needs to be in there but it still hasn’t hit me on how to implement it to a usable level.

Two of the three games I am running at Gen Con will have this new mechanic in place. I know how to run it in my head, just not on the page.

Hopefully it will come to me so I can finally have all the rules down and finished the basic pages and have a fully working first draft.


Side Note

I am running 3 Firefly Games for Margaret Weis Productions at Gen Con as well as my own game. I should be nice an worn out by the end of the day Sunday.

All for now