So, I have been lax in my web updates. Very very lax. Dealing with personal turmoil has made me not do much with Into the Nexus for the pas several months. I have updated combat rules but thats about it.

This changes now.

I have begun work on the rules of The Wave.

For those that know the book series you know what I am talking about. For those that don’t I’ll give you a quick primer.

The Wave is  what makes the possibilities of all Magicka possible. Infinite possibilities exist in The Wave.

The possibility that your comrade is not dead. The possibility that your bones are lighter than air. The Wave makes it possible because Everything is possible.

However the Wave always corrects itself. Yes your friend is alive again, but something else isn’t. You used your Magicka to take a life, now something new lives and you may not care for it.

The Wave always corrects itself.

That is the basic premise of The Wave. Anything you do with Magicka could result in not only a failure (misdirected awesome) but a Wave correction.

Even Non Magical encounters could initiate a Wave correction.

It may be something small, however, it may not.

So that is what I am working on right now.

I will have at least weekly updates from here on out. Hopefully more frequent.

Ta for now