So I ran Into the Nexus at a new Con the year. Anime Central in Rosemont IL. Gaming wasn’t a main focus of this convention but it was still a good time. I had a nice small game with 5 players and they didn’t fail to be inventive and entertain.

Yesterdays cast of characters were

Lucas (Ray) the Knave

Alfonso Rubio Witinksi IV the Human AIr Magicka

Princess Claudia the Dwarven Warrior

Maxwell the Elven Earth Magica

And last but never least

Zeke the Human Fire Magicka.

The adventure begins

Our group had taken a job from the Brotherhood of the Hand to see who had taken over a local keep and was not allowing anyone who ventured near it to ever return. Instead of going themselves, these brave warriors payed (conned) a traveler to go to the keep and report back what he found. In the meantime they decided to take a local job of seeing what was killing a local rancher’s tier*. After a thorough investigation they discovered some rather large tracks. These tracks led to the edge of the island. They found a rather steep path leading down to a ledge.  While walking down this path Ray lost his balance and fell, the ever so excellent Princess Claudia was able to grab him and instead of pulling him to his feet thought the wiser move was to fireman carry him down herself. She failed. Ray was sent hurtling down the path with 300lbs of metal she-warrior rapidly sliding behind him. Claudia was able to move in time without turning Ray the Surefooted into Ray the Groundbeef.

After some snooping and spying the group discovers an old elven smugglers cove. Without a word to anyone Maxwell Not Terribly Smart starting casting a spell to bring the roof down on whatever was in there. This succeeded in killing the remaining tier but not the two 20′ trolls that were inside.

The trolls came barreling out of the cove carrying large smash you in the face type weapons (Tree trunk and small boulder). This valiant group of brave brave warriors and Magickas ran tot he edge of the ledge and some even cowered behind Her Grace Princess Claudia. A terrible terrible battle ensued. Fire was slung, attacks were snuck, and blunderbuii were fired. This resulted in one troll taking 9 hit points of damage. So Maxwell the inept casted his spell to make the ledge where the troll was standing fall away into deep sky. The dice was rolled, the awesome was misdirected**.

The floor of the ledge gave way right in front of the second troll causing it to fall. However it also took Claudia the Gravity Enhanced as well. She was able to barely hang on screaming, “I told you taking ranks in climb was not a waste of time!”

At the same time Zeke had sent a ball of the fire into a very sensitive area of the troll’s reproductive system.  This cause a little more damage and the loin cloth to burn. Ray the Emboldened, after holding his action,  stabbed the Burning monster in his “Fire Dick”. This massive damage in his special no-no spot caused the troll the step back and fall off the ledge.


The battle was won, the mission was unsure, and game time had run out.


They had lived to lie about their story to others.


All was well.


Until the next time




*Tier: A large flightless bird used for manual labor

** Rolling a 1