The Magicka are the most respected and feared group of people on Arianis. They control the world around them by tapping into the power of the possibilities.
These masters of the arcane follow one of the four elemental disciplines; Earth (Dark), Fire (Sun), Air (Firmament), Water (Spring). A Magicka’s career is vastly different depending on their discipline.

Spring Magicka usually are pacifists, specializing in healing and life restoration. These are the most revered of the Magicka

Firmament Magicka, are the students. They are most often the advisers to the local government. They practice their art with the manipulation of the people and what people need. This can be anything from engineering to diplomatic relations. The Mystriarchs of the high realm were Firmament Magicka.

Dark Magicka are one with the land and beast. Usually employed as trainers and tamers of dragons, they have an almost symbiotic relationship with the natural world.

Sun Magicka – The War Mage. Blinded by the power of raw evocation, these Magicka are the most feared and reviled. They are impatient to the subtle requirements of the other disciplines. These Magi are usually found on Dragons raining down fire in battles. They are masters of destruction and are highly aware of it.