So I am back from Dragon*con. It is by far my favorite to both attend and run games. The game coordinator Mark is fantastic and great to deal with.

I ran 3 different games 5 sessions total.

First was the staple of my game running. The escape from the dragonship. It was as always a blast. Its a plus when they don’t destroy the ship. There were no plusses last Friday.

Second was the race through random dungeons. First session was …. well, chaotic is putting it mildly. Lots of arguing a craziness. Some people embrace the magic system. Other can’t handle the endless possibilities and they explode. The second session had a surprise in it that they two parties ended up just passing each other.

Third was my favorite.

The Farsight problem.

This was a mini campaign. We had 20 players for this and everyone had a great time. The enemy was destroyed after almost 9 straight hours. These guys did well with the Magic system. Lots of strange and unusual spells. The walker was used very effectively. Need to flush out the Knave better. I also really need to get some elves into the mix.

Well those are just some highlights of Dragon*con. I will add some more notes when I compile all that went on.