It’s been 50 cycles since the Great Machine finally began serving its purpose. The machine began a time of great peace. It was the first time the three races, Human, Elves and Ge…Dwarves ever worked together. Sadly, and typically, it was one of the few. You will have to forgive me, for most of my life the people who worked the Great Machine were called Gegs. It is now a term that will now get you, at the very minimum, a severe beating if spoken in front of one of them. They consider the name an unfriendly reminder of their slavery to the will of the Elves. Where was I, oh yes, peace and prosperity… yea, that didn’t last. It seems the DWARVES, (See, I can learn) realized that they alone knew how to repair and maintain the Great Machine. However, the Elves realized that they alone could access the land where all the Water comes from and once again gain control. We Humans realized that we don’t like Elves or Dwarves…. so there ya go.

Our world is in utter chaos. Now I am usually quite agreeable to this state, however these new developments are … ominous. I have only hearsay and rumor to go on, but as I set out to once again practice my trade I will have to treat it as gospel.

Now I go to meet a Kir, and see what work he has for me. More to follow