Here are the games I will be running During dragon*Con

Friday 10pm -2am

Slave Ship

Like previous years I start with a nice grinder. You will be playing characters on a Watership run by slaves. This has been great fun in the past and always delivers. This year I will adding a surprise twist that I have not done in the past three years. You will have to play to see what it is!

Saturday 6pm-10pm, 10pm – 2am

Dungeon Race

Teams have been hired to obtain a priceless relic. Work your way through a difficult dungeon to reach the prize. This will involve planning, PVP, Backstabbing in a winner take all contest.

This will done in two parts to make up for people leaving and entering at the break.

Sunday 6pm-10pm, 10pm – 2am

The Farsight Problem

Welcome to the Role Playing Epic

This game will run all 8+ hours ( I will make adjustments for people entering and leaving at the break)

You will be adventurers on a mission for the Kir monks, but what they haven’t told you could fill volumes.  You will have several different paths you can take with many outcomes.

Be prepared to die in a multitude of ways.

Also be prepared for Your characters death to not the end of you playing them.

That is all, stay tuned for more updates