Opening the Flood Gates!

Gencon Registration opened for the games and we sold tickets like crazy. It wasn’t Infinity War numbers but it was pretty great all the same.

Darkmore is sold out.

Crash Landing still has 9 seats left so if you are interested go get you some.

We WILL be taking generics at the table so if you can’t get a regular ticket you can use those instead. (FYI you will need ten hours worth for each session)

Crash Landing will be a very different experience this year as we will be adding some multimedia environment variables to the action. It should be a lot of fun and hopefully a thrill ride for all involved.

I want to send thanks to my regular players who keep coming back year after year. (looking at you Kincaids). You all are the best and I’m happy you enjoy it enough to keep playing.

I’ve got some cool stuff for this year and some great surprises.


I am really excited and can’t wait to show you.

See you all in August.







Kobayashi Maru and Tyler too

So GenCon games are live and kicking. I thought I’d give people interested a little idea of what is in store for them if they choose to play.

We are doing two games this year Crash Landing and Darkmore Besieged.

Crash Landing will be a fast paced survival game. You and your group will be expected to make fast decisions and not all of them will be good choices. Lots of action with a multimedia environment to add to the experience. FYI the players in this game  will be randomly assigned to breakout groups in the beginning so be warned you may be playing with new people for a while. All the players (surviving that is) will be brought back together for the games thrilling conclusion.  It should be exciting and a lot of fun with some scare/surprise elements.

Darkmore Besieged. A GenCon tradition for 8 years running. You will be members of insurrectionists working to overthrow a tyrannical ruler. You will be given a list of possible missions to choose from then break into smaller groups and attempt to complete them. Be warned, all the missions are vital and not all can be chosen. So you will have to see what consequences you can live with. The evening will conclude when all the players will join back up for a final winner take all castle siege. Lots of action and chaos, but the good chaos. Not the kind that causes dinosaurs to get loose on the island….

Or maybe that too….

Both games are Pathfinder based with a custom Magic system and all materials will be provided.

I look forward to seeing you all there.







Gen Con Book first printing! 

I have the D20 version printed up and ready for the editor.

Will be ready for the two long games I’m running at this years Gen*Con

Darkmore Besieged and Slave Ships Revolt.


Hope to see you there!



Gen Con Players! Get those Dice hands a-ready

Hello my lovelies! We are back at Gen Con this year as a Premier Gaming event! (No extra cost, just extra awesome)

We have rooms to ourselves for a nice and quiet madhouse of death.

I hope you are ready for the undeniable joy the tables share when you roll a 1

And without further ado

Flashpoint Games (Pathfinder system)

The year is 2998. Thanks to the discovery of Flashpoint technology (which manipulates dark matter to perform instantaneous jumps through space) the species of the Milky Way Galaxy have experienced a never-before-seen period of interconnectivity and prosperity. With such a level of access to the galaxy, comes also exposure to the horrors that lurk in its darkest corners.

The space-faring civilizations of the galaxy have formed an emergency coalition under the direction of their founding species, the Celysians. The coalition’s purpose is to repel an advanced race of beings known as the ‘Nhilus’.  Little is known about this race of humanoid cephalopods aside from their driving hunger to consume sentient biomatter.  All efforts made to communicate with them have ended in a massacre.  They do not speak to, nor reason with their enemies.  They simply feed.  Their advanced technology appears to be alive and their physical resilience has rendered conventional methods of combat all but useless.  

For the past century, the galactic coalition has slowly and steadily lost countless star systems to the Nhilus.  Now, little remains of the coalition’s once proud fleet.  Only a handful of civilized systems remain hidden and free from the Nhilus’ hunger.  With galactic society on the precipice of its end, desperation rules over reason………..

Hold Out:  (1pm-5pm) Thursday


(Part 1 of 4)  These missions are designed in order for new players to enter at any point in the story.

You are part of a squad of soldiers on a military base on Earth when the Nhilus begin their surface invasion of the planet.  You are tasked with defending a crucial scientific installation from the Nhilus hordes in order to protect the data within.  Your success here is imperative to the coalition’s war effort

Evacuate Earth: (7pm-1am) Thursday


(Part 2 of 4)  These missions are designed in order for new players to enter at any point in the story.

You are a member of an elite squad of operatives tasked with penetrating the blockaded skies of Earth in order to reach an overrun scientific facility.  Little is told to you other than you are to extract 3 surviving scientists from the facility and return to the orbiting fleet.

The Maw: (1pm-5pm) Friday


(Part 3 of 4)  These missions are designed in order for new players to enter at any point in the story.

You are a crew member onboard EarthJAV -a hub of mass galactic transit and commerce- employed as station security when the Nhilus arrive in sol system.  Not long after, you and your squad begin noticing bizarre behaviors from your fellow crew members.  The situation becomes worse as reports begin to come in about Nhilus onboard the station.  The coalition fleet’s only hope for escape is to keep the station operational.  You have to send a distress signal.

Jump to Wayward Station: (7pm-1am) Friday


(Part 4 of 4)  These missions are designed in order for new players to enter at any point in the story.

You have extracted key scientists from an overrun scientific facility on Earth. While returning them to the fleet, you and your squad barely have time to exhale before you are given a new mission.  The coalition needs the JAV station orbiting earth to be operational to facilitate a flashpoint jump away from the now-doomed solar system. It is no secret that the Nhilus hordes fill the station’s every corridor.

Your squad must make the station operational for just one more jump.

Into the Nexus Games

Sometime, in what was called The Age of Aquarius, certain people began having abilities to “See the Possibilities”. This has to be the most disappointing naming of magic ever. These gifted souls were called Q’anics and were able to see the other Earths and what could have been. It only took a score of years before they figured out they could bring forward that reality into our own. According to what written works survived, the Q’anics, began trying to make our world better.

In the history of everything, that intent, has always worked out for the best.

Needless to say, thought I felt the need to write it, they failed. In roughly the year 1989, the most powerful of these Q’anics chose to bring the best of all the “Other Earths” into our reality. Creating a utopia.




What remained were islands of rock and earth floating above an unstable gravity core. Most of the island nations remained intact, more or less. With the loss of most of the land mass Hybris developed a planet sized storm system called Raiu. Raiu covers more than half the remaining islands most of the year.

The surviving races; Human, Dwarf, and Elf, live in what we call The Nexus. A cluster of floating islands that never leave the eye of Raiu. Here they try and eek out survival.

Here is where our story truly begins.

Cortex+ System

A Hybris Theory: (1pm-5pm) Thursday


You’ve docked on an unfriendly foreign port. Your captain is dead. Can you & your crew survive & get flying again?

(Without burning the entire town to the ground again)

Very Huge Saga: (1pm-5pm) Friday


Your crew has been given a strange box. Your job is discover what is contained inside & unlock its secrets. But look out, others want that box too.

Pathfinder System

These will be large group games that will be separated once all players arrive to complete smaller missions before joining together to complete the final task. The games run long with multiple breaks. Multiple GMs will be on hand to run the games and answer questions during game play. It’s a fun time and a little chaotic.

Slave Ships Revolt (6pm-4am!) Thursday


Freedom or death! You will have to escape captivity aboard airships before they dock. Will you convert the crew or kill them and attempt to fly the ships yourselves? Did they get a distress signal off before you attacked? There will be some PvP both intentional and accidental.

Darkmore Besieged (6pm-4am!) Friday


You are a group of resistance fighters who have banded together to overthrow a tyrant. Multiple mini missions that have both positive and negative effects on the campaign. You will have to choose which ones you do and which ones you skip. Will you ferret out a spy or steal a powerful artifact instead? You will then get together and siege a stronghold. This will challenge your gameplay skills and your ability to work with others.

The game ends when either she dies, or you do.

Did I mention she likes to throw fireballs indiscriminately?

See you in August


GenCon 2016! 4 games Submitted

Holy Toledo I’m back from a too long absence. Not much new to report. Have been doing some play testing with the new Cortex+ game system and so far I really like it. I will get a real test at Gen con this year when I run it for strangers. I hope to have comment cards to I can see what People liked and didn’t like about the game mechanics.

So Here are my games for Gencon this year

Game ID Event Title Start Time Duration Actions
RPG1684092 A Hybris Theory – Into the Nexus Thu @ 1:00 PM 4 hrs Duplicate
Cost: $4
RPG1684081 Slave Ship Revolt – Into the Nexus Thu @ 6:00 PM 10 hrs Duplicate
Cost: $10
RPG1684102 Very Huge Saga – Into the Nexus Fri @ 1:00 PM 4 hrs Duplicate
Cost: $4
RPG1684082 Darkmore Beseiged – Into the Nexus Fri @ 6:00 PM 10 hrs Duplicate


I have decided to keep my big games using the Pathfinder system and the Death Gate Cycle Material. Disappointed as I am that MWP decided on a different direction. It doesn’t stop me loving the series or the games I built around them. It is what those game players have come to enjoy and I do love running them.

As for a game I want to publish. Into the Nexus will be all original material.

Speaking of that. New logo and Webdesign on the blog. New artwork will be posted soon and I should have a pre-release book for sale by gencon.


That is all for now. Someone broke their monitor and I need to see how the hell they managed that.





Goog’ell’s New Job

So as a result of my different direction I have updated the story of Into the Nexus. This is just a first telling from the journals of Goog’ell. A rebellious monk of the order of Heralds.

Hybris, A history

It is a small snippet of the world you will be entering playing Into the Nexus.

Ta ta for now



Everything changes – New Characters/ Classes

I’ve had to make some class changes. After over 15 years of making this game I realized that almost all of it was my creation and just a small portion was from the original Death Gate material. I have after some painful soul searching decided to remove the Death Gate references and make it all my own.  I love the world of Death Gate but it isn’t mine and it seems Into the Nexus will never see the light of day if I keep it in there.


The two new Characters are

The Heralds.

They are a religious sect that believe we only are truly equal in death. They strive to help all other make that transition as smoothly as possible. Willing or no.

The Ayans.

Named after my close friend Aya who at every game seemed to undo every spell the Magica’s cast. Whether it helped the group or not (Mostly not).

The group is also looking for balance. They do this by correcting the wave. Undoing any attempts to manipulate it.

They put right what once went wrong. Wrong is subjective.


These two classes will replace the Death Gate specific ones that I had originally used.


I will also start posting some short stories based in this new world. This is to let players get a feel for the environment and hopefully come to enjoy what has been a true labor of love for me for the last decade.

Take a look at the website and see the new changes.





New artwork is forthcoming and I will unveil it at Gen Con 2015!



Slave Ship Construction – Part 3

Captains Quarters and Storeroom have been built. Need to do some finishing touches on the mast. Next comes the Wings and the Sail. 2014-07-18 15.41.39

Gen Con 2013 – New games and Old friends.

Gen Con 2013 has come and gone and as tradition stipulates I am here with a summation.

I was scheduled for 3 games. Slave Ship Revolt, Mad Monk, and Lost Prince. Sadly I did not have enough people show up for Lost Prince so I had to cancel it. In retrospect I believe next year I will not schedule a 10 hour game for the last night of the con as most people have started to wind down.

This Year I also ran Firefly for Margaret Weis Productions. You should check it out if you are at all a Firefly fan.

Game One

Slave Ship Revolt.

As always this is a great deal of fun. I must confess I need to tweak the numbers a bit to get a good flow but I was only overloaded a bit.

Last year I had some return players play the ships crew for a slight PvP experience and the results were very good so I did the same thing this year with the same return players. They played the crew as Bebop, Rocksteady, Shredder and Krang. They added some Role Playing and interaction that would not be the same if I was playing all the characters. Hands down the person playing the ships captain played his part perfectly, drunk, but perfectly.

This group picked up the game plan immediately and started into the action. They immediately attempted to get free and make their escape. The mages as always causes more havoc than help but they still did a fair job.


1:47 minutes of gameplay before they set the ship on fire. A new record.

Water Magicka controlling the ship’s water supply to drown the captain. Just as he had brokered a peace deal.

Many skydiving attempts. Some worked others did not.

Ships Magicka pulling a Maverick and flipping the ship upside down and dumping the people onto the burning ship below.

Fire Magicka summoning a Red Dragon and being dominated into trying to kill the crew.

Having a knave fail 5 times to remove a buckle.

There were many more but these were the highlights of that night’s game. We played from 8 PM until almost 3 AM.

2013-08-15 22.12.28

(The Red Pencil is the 6′ wall of fire that was apparently needed to escape.)   (Yes, that is a unicorn)

Game Two

The Mad Monk.

Our heros were charged with figuring out the source of all the strange phenomena emanating from an old Kir monastery. They packed their gear, mounted the dragon, and flew as close as they could to the monastery.

They soon discovered that the forest surrounding the place was infested with many a strange creature. Some benign others were a bit more murdery. None as much as our crew. They dispatched all encounters with flair and savagery. Upon reaching the fortress they discovered (some of them the hard way) that they place was trapped with Rune Sigla and was nigh impenetrable.  The two Earth Magicka made their own entrance just as the the minion of the Mad Monk made his first appearance. The group was separated and in chaos. The Sentient Dire Bear that was the result of last year’s failed mission to save a dying island had been rescued and experimented on. And he was angry. He summoned his own legion of Dire Bears to tear through our band of misfits. Just as he was about to finish them off. His Master appeared. He was angrier. A Mensch who had tapped into the secret of the Rune Sigla and gone mad for his troubles began showing them what true power was. Until he was stabbed repeatedly by a 12 year old boy. He dominated them and destroyed most of the group. The rest fled.

One of my gaming weaknesses is game CR. I either make it too easy or way too hard. I will scale it back next year. In retrospect they never could have won this.


Two of the Earth Magicka joining their minds for a Magicka Possibility Bonus. This also made it so they couldn’t distinguish whose thoughts were whose. so they had to do everything as one. Wonder Twin powers activate

Upon walking into a camp of BugBears they immediately begin attacking them and blowing them up with fireballs. No warning, No sign of aggression from the bugbears. Just BOOM

Two summoned elementals that were dominated, made bigger, then lost the domination. Then came the pain.

A failed earth spell meant to shield them from falling trees that instead put them right up into the path of the destruction.

The skin being ripped off The Wonder Twins when they tried to de-ink the Monk’s Tattoos.

Summoning a girl bear to distract the raging Dire Bear.

Having to move the game not once but twice because of table scheduling mishaps


I may be missing a few because by the end I was exhausted.

We gamed from 6 PM to 3:30 AM


(We are supposed to be up here….right?)   (Oh dear lord what is that flying towards us)


All in all a good time as always.

As I tweak and test Into the Nexus I make the games smaller and less scope. This way I can see the more subtle problems in the gaming system.

Next year will be more focused on interactions with PC’s and NPCs as opposed to all joining to kill the Big Bad.

Next year they will have to find the Prince.


Also Thank You to the players who had such a good time they went and told Margaret Weis about it. That makes me feel great and I appreciate it.


Till next time




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