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Decade of Deviations

It’s a week until Gen Con! We are doing the madness that is final prep and it dawned on me that I’ve been running this game for large cons for 10 years now. Ten years since my first run at Dragon*Con. Slave ship and what would become Darkmore Besieged. It wasn’t until 2010 I added the Siege at the end component. UPYztlznRHmIMH+IrlH6Yg


So the Above are some of the firsts. Some of the first people to ever take a chance on playing this crazy person’s 10 hour opus. You’ll see some of the original 3.5 character sheets that we just scratched out my changes on to the first sheets I made myself.

The players who I still talk to or see to this day, David ,Who stood on the table and yelled at his mother that he was in charge. Lex, Megan and Frank who came again and again to play, Eric, Rob and Gabe who came to my house weekly to help me playtest and sat with me in a shoddy hotel cafe and did a full 10 hour test run. And Justin. My Friend. My artist. Who gave me Gug’el. A wacky character that is seen in almost every game and in the game book itself.

These are the people who helped shape the beginning, mold the wave, Rolled the first 1s

Their awesome is anything is but misdirected.

So if you are playing next week and love what you experience they are a big part of the reason.

Ta for now



Classes Updated

When I developed Into the Nexus I had the the magic system figured out and not much else. I borrowed from basic D&D classes for everything but Magic users and went from there.  As ITN became more popular at conventions and gaming events I knew I would need to make the other classes as rich and different as I did the Magicka. I saw each of them in my head and knew how I wanted them to interact with the worlds but couldn’t get the game mechanics to look right when writing them up. I had a friend who is a self professed rules lawyer look at my designs and help me with the mechanics. So finally the rest of the characters are starting to be as fleshed out as the  Magickas.

I have the following classes done with their new abilities and skills instead of just using basic D&D/Pathfinder copies

Walker – Loner who uses what  she can find and scavenge to her benefit. Think MacGyver without that pesky “No Kill” clause.

Knave – Not just a rogue rip-off. New skills  and abilities to make them perfect at reading other people. They can see what you are going to do before you do it and use that knowledge to either get away or hit you first.

Kir – Not your kung-fu fighting monk, more of a proselytizer of the the faith. He inspires all around him with his calling. And his calling is Death.

That’s it for now.

More to come as I work on the other classes.




Dragon*Con Update

All is going well in my Dragon*con prep. I have all the campaigns, maps and characters sheets all ready to go. I have the t-shirts and other prizes also ready to go. We have over 20 people in each session last year and it was an awesome time. There were people thinking there were turtles, A huge Castle siege, even some time traveling wolves.

If you are thinking about getting a ticket , get one! it is a lot of fun and we always are a little crazy.



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